Away Luggage

After trying out countless number of carry-on luggage, I finally have landed on the best carry-on hardshell spinner I’ve used ever from a fairly new company called Away.  Co-founded by two former Warby Parker employees, they set out to come up with a modern solution for the everyday traveler.  Although it is not the cheapest carry-on out there ($225 for the regular carry-on, $20 OFF link here), it is packed with many features that can’t be found in other luggages today including a lifetime warranty which will cover damage to the shell, wheels, handles or zippers.

I’ve been using my Bigger Carry-On Away luggage for almost two years now and have loved every single moment I’ve traveled with it.


Ejectable Battery for charging devices

Included with every Away luggage is an ejectable 10,000mAh battery which is slim enough to fit in your pocket, but with enough juice to charge your iPhone at least 3 full times before quitting on you.  The ejectable feature is also nice in the rare instances that you need to gate-check your luggage, as airlines are all aware of this smart bag and have rules restricting placing rechargeable batteries into the cargo hold. By having the battery in your luggage, it removes one less item out of your backpack that you have to carry.

Scratch-resistant hard polycarbonate shell

The exterior look and feel of the Away luggage is what makes this carry-on shine.  It has a stylish look to it, unlike some of the dated designs of Delsey or Samsonite luggages.  Even though it is a hard shell, the luggage is extremely lightweight, clocking in at only 7.8lbs.  The exterior of this luggage measures out to 22.7″ tall x 14.7″ high x 9.6″ deep which will fit in most U.S. domestic airplanes storage above.  Even when you need to check this luggage in, the case can withstand a good amount of resistance and no scratches have been found in almost two years of use.

Interior compression pad

Inside the luggage, you will find plenty of space with a capacity of 47.9 liters to fit over a week’s worth of clothes.  With the right climate, I was able to squeeze 10 days of clothes in this carry-on by rolling my clothes to achieve the best packing efficiency.  On one side of the luggage, there is an interior compression pad in which you can further condense your clothes into a smaller spot.  The other side of the luggage features a zippable compartment to fit your other necessities such as your shoes, belt and toiletries.

TSA-approved lock with combination

A built-in combination lock will allow for easy locking and unlocking of your luggage to ensure no one can get inside, except the TSA security guys when needed.

Removable laundry bag

Tucked on the bottom of the bag inside a zipper compartment is a removable laundry bag that is useful to keep your smellies away from the fresh laundry.  I actually did not know that this existed until a few months into using the luggage as it was hidden neatly away from the compartment.

360-degree Hinomoto spinner wheels

I did not have an appreciation for luggage wheels until I pushed this Away luggage around effortlessly through all sorts of terrain.  On the airport floor, it glided effortlessly wherever my hand went and never resisted to my movements.  On a recent trip to Germany, I had booked an AirBNB that was a half mile walk away from the train station and the luggage easily maneuvered without struggle across asphalt, gravel and sidewalk pavement.

Where to Buy?

You can only find Away luggage from their official website.  Get $20 off any luggage if you use our referral link to help our site keep the lights on 🙂