Elite Status Matching Guide for Hotels

If you are a travel junkie like myself, but aren't loyal to a single hotel chain, or airline brand, you still can rack up elite or loyalty status pretty easily if you already have status at a partner program.  This is done through the lesser-known "status matching" or "challenge" as these elite programs wish to gain the loyalty of other travelers who are already loyal to the other brands.  This guide will show you the easiest methods to get a certain level of status if you start with status elsewhere already. [...]

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The Yacht Week – Croatia 2017 Week 35 Black Route Itinerary

As I was searching for my next great experience that I could do in my mid-20s, I stumbled upon an Instagram post from one of my favorite YouTubers who I have followed for a few years.  I watched his vlogs of sailing in the Adriatic for 7 days, living it up in the likes of the super wealthy, and all-night parties and thought to myself, that is for sure going to be my next trip.  I did a bit more research to find that this sailing holiday called The Yacht Week. was actually [...]

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